Printable: Practically Perfect In Every Way

The quote "How you speak to your children becomes their inner voice," is one of my favorites. While I was a first grade teacher, it was the quote I kept on my mind, especially on harder days. As parents we've been called to raise up our children to be loving and kind. It's not easy to show love and kindness every day, all the time. But raising a child starts with walking the way we want them to grow. 

i desire for Charlie to know how loved she is every moment of every day. I want her to be overflowing with love that it's natural for her to give that love to others. Even though she can't understand my words yet, we're already telling her words of affirmation. 

Practically perfect in every way is such a cute quote you can place in your little girl's nursery. The peony is drawn from my mother's garden in Ohio and the foliage is from my own backyard. Enjoy!  Click the picture to download.