New Year & New Prints

The heart of creativity is what attracts me to my business.  Every day I talk with people I would have never met through any other occupation.  I speak with them on their wishes about their weddings, designs they have in their mind, or get inspired by their story and want to make a piece that represents them.

With Charlie on her way, I know it's not for a few more months, but I've been designing like a mad woman - and I love it. Our Etsy shop is filling up with prints that mean so much more than the words that are written on them.  It is love and pride and went into each piece of work and it's love and prayer that goes into packaging each print.

We are so excited to share these with you! We are doing something a little bit different now too and offering the digital versions of these prints! There is a specific listing for the digital copy - all you have to do is include which print you would like in the Notes to Seller! Feel free to click below and explore!