Love Lifted Me: Pleasant Words

This week's Love Lifted Me post is a challenge. I challenge you to 24 hours of pleasant words only.  Zero complaining, zero negative self talk - choosing to handle the day with awareness of your words. 

I guess today's post comes from something I've been needing to do - speaking with love. Speaking to myself with love, speaking to my husband with love, speaking to those I encounter throughout my day with love. In a few short months I'll be transitioning from working full time to working from home with a newborn. When I've taken on the stress of the world and allowed myself to dwell on what-ifs, my words and actions start to come from a place of anxiety instead of a place of peace. 

My words no longer envelope love when I'm worried. My desire as a wife and mother is to be warmth and security for my family. And there is nothing sweeter and more healing than pleasant words that come from a place of love. I'm taking it moment by moment, day by day - starting with the first 24 hours.

Sarah BuisComment