Love Lifted Me: Freely Give

There are extraordinary moments in life when God shows how strong HIs hands are through the actions of others.  The smallest actions committed with God's love become the most stunning.

Tyler and I went shopping a few weeks ago hoping to pick up a few more items for Charlie.  We've been super blessed to find almost everything we need on sale which makes this high strung lady relax...a little ;)  While we were in a store, a lady approached me and asked me what good gifts for expecting mothers are.  I explained we were only having our first baby and I wish I had a better answer, but we just picked up what we could where we could find it.  I told her we didn't have family in the area, so it was easier to find what I could and lately I had been trying to stock up on receiving blankets and swaddles.

I didn't think much about our conversation and went to check out after Tyler and I had browsed the store.  When the cashier rang us up, she told me a lady had already paid for my items. Call it pregnancy brain or sheer shock, I did not understand what the cashier was telling me and had her repeat it again. The lady I had spoken to earlier left cash at the register to pay for whatever we bought and the amount left was more than enough. 

I didn't do anything for her.  My conversation and actions didn't merit a gift like that, yet she was so loving and giving.  I still don't have words for the kindness that was shown to my family and the scenario has a very special place in my heart.

It made me think about God's gifts to us.  All of the good actions in our life combined will never be equal to what God gives us everyday.  Experiencing a physical representation of unconditional giving, giving like God, made me understand how I am supposed to give in my daily life.  

There are so many days I walk into work, a store, or open up an e-mail and grumble about it.  I have my own problems to deal with, I don't want to deal with a stranger, co-worker, or family member dealing with something that is insignificant to my life.  But here is the thing, their struggle isn't insignificant.  Even if their struggle seems like its not something that would directly affect my life, it's a chance to give freely.

We have been given so much and all God asks from us is to continue to love others.   It's not hard to lighten the burden of others, especially when your focus is on how much we can give because of how much we have received.  Tribulations make it hard to be thankful.  There are seasons of life when bad things are the big things and we have to buckle down and face them.  But in the midst of everything, our greatest gift cannot be taken away.  We are never robbed of our greatest strength in our lowest moments. We can always give.

Sarah BuisComment