Love Lifted Me

Putting into words what is on my heart has been one of the most difficult thing about writing this post.  I have no idea where to start - so please excuse what might be a jumble of thoughts. I'm in the thick of pregnancy brain, but I promise there is a point. ;)

I'm about 23 weeks pregnant now. I feel that I sound ungrateful when I describe the difficulty of the transition into motherhood, but it's real. If you're new around here, I have an aortic bicuspid valve which is in moderate to severe regurgitation and stenosis.  About two years ago I was told the demands of pregnancy would be too much for my body to handle even after surgery.  My husband, Tyler, and I spent about a year gathering funds for adoption when my health took a change for the better and I found out I was pregnant. I was pregnant and able to carry through the pregnancy.  To finally see the finish line has been the best feeling in the world.

In both adoption and pregnancy, I've had feelings of inadequacy and envy. The biggest lesson I've learned is that the road to motherhood was not meant to be easy. Full of learning? Yes. Trusting God? Yes. Anticipating the joy of holding your child? Yes. But not a cake walk. My point being, everyone's struggles are different, but we all have them. And at the end of our wait, we are gifted the child God saved for us. The one who was always meant to call us mom. 

It's been on my heart to incorporate ministry into my business.  Pretty designs are great, but I wanted to give something that others could hold in their hearts. Through pregnancy my soul has been led to provide some sort of good-for-the-spirit designs, something weekly, that no matter your trials you can find comfort in.  

Starting this week, I'll be posting a weekly 4x6 print free for you to download. Our weekly series will be called "Love Lifted Me," because when nothing else seems to help, feeling love and giving love pulls us out of the pit.

Please download the print or send it to anyone who may need to be lifted with love!