Baby C's Nursery RevealI

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we started dreaming of becoming parents. Through those two years, we've heard a lot of no's to our dreams, but even more importantly a final yes! Yes, to knowing that in 9 months we'd be holding the child that has been occupying our prayers. There is beauty in the path to motherhood, through adoption, fostering, and pregnancy - and an equal amount of trials. In 15 days, the journey we've taken will be well worth it.

When Tyler and I were still dating, we discovered we both had an affinity for Winnie the Pooh. With that affinity, we started collecting little Pooh Bear nursery items at local thrift stores and shopping trips. As a graduation gift, Tyler wrote about how our life together would be the greatest adventure and he was excited to begin that adventure and add in little ones along the way.

I wanted to use soft tones found in the watercolors of Winnie the Pooh, but also to add in as much floral as possible. Because let's face it, I HAVE to have floral.  If/when we welcome a little boy into our home, I'm not quite sure I'll be able to decorate ;)

C's crib currently holds Tyler's childhood Pooh and the Pooh we bought at Disney World last October. And can I tell you something about that Pooh Bear? We looked everywhere for TWO years for a Pooh Bear. EVERYWHERE. Every Disney store, we went to Disney World, online, everywhere and we could not find a Pooh. I was about ten weeks pregnant when we picked up this little guy, and a part of me believes it was just a little blessing from God. His timing is always perfect.

My father built this rocking horse for my second Christmas and I just knew it would be the perfect fit for the nursery. We've tried to put as much of our family and history into the room, especially since we live so far from family. Everything has a story and was made with so much love.

This is probably my favorite corner of the room. The rocking chair was in Tyler and his brother's nursery. I just recovered the cushion and added in some homemade pillows. 


I find myself sitting in Charlie's room often, hoping it will help bring her here faster. But I'm also trying to soak up this last few days of pregnancy, because these are the moments that will hold our hearts.

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