A Labor Story

It's midnight as I begin this post. My little one is enjoying late night nursing and I'm feeling so blessed to finally have her here.  The last week has been a blur of joy and I still can't believe she is already two weeks old.  She came into this world on her own terms and I wouldn't have our labor and birth any other way.

I couldn't get much sleep the night before she was born. Around midnight I made my way into her nursery and slept in the rocking chair until 5:00. I knew labor was close, but I was hoping she would wait just a tad for when our families would be arriving into town.  As I went to lay down in our bed until Tyler had to leave for work, I felt a trickle run down my leg. I hadn't convinced myself my water had broken, but called the doctor anyways. I started getting ready, just in case and Tyler took the afternoon off of work. After another trip to the bathroom, I was sure, our baby was coming today.

We packed our last minute items and headed to the hospital, which was an hour drive. On the way I started to feel contractions about five minutes apart. I had joked our labor would be three hours with two minutes of pushing, and as we ran into Nashville traffic, I prayed everything but the cars would slow down.

Once we got checked in at the hospital, everything moved so fast. When I arrived, I had already dilated to six centimeters and the baby was still breech. The staff started prepping me for a c-section, which required going to the OR without Tyler.  Since I have a heart condition, certain parts of the emergency section had to be changed to help keep my blood pressure and pulse steady.

After three epidural attempts, two artery lines, one IV, and dilating to 8 centimeters, the doctor proposed general anesthesia and I happily obliged. I asked when I would wake up and they told me as soon as the procedure was completed. My whole pregnancy I wanted to allow my body to do what it was built to do. I wanted to dig into my inner strength, and no matter how Charlie was born, I wanted to feel strong. 

I woke up about an hour after she was born. My first memory is of Tyler wheeling our daughter into our room. And I remember just feeling really happy. It felt surreal to finally hold our baby. Thirty six bags of antibiotics, a unit of blood, and a few days recovery and Tyler and I were able to take our daughter home. We played songs that had meaning to our family, about our marriage, and our hopes and dreams for Charlie. Every day with her has challenged us to be more humble, loving, and patient with each other and for her. Having a baby has brought nothing but more love into our home. Each day I thank God for our story and for each day we have.