How to Create your Instagram Brand

Did you know Instagram has over 300 million users? That's like the population of Canada, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, and Israel together! With it's quick photo sharing abilities, it's easy to see why so many companies are turning to Instagram and social media as a way of marketing.

I am, by no means, the first person to write about creating an Instagram brand and using Instagram for your business.  However, I wanted to share a few tips I have learned as well as a printable that will help you plan your Instagram feed.

Instagram has been a difficult app for me to tackle. 1.  I feel the need to compare my pictures to what everyone else is posting and 2. I felt my voice was in a saturated market.  While talking with some friend also in the creative industry, they shared similar sentiments! I was thankful to know I wasn't alone in the quest to navigating Instagram as a marketing tool.

Creating your Instagram brand does not have to be difficult by any means! Mood, color palette, filter, and subject are the only thing addressed today and by planning your feed around those concepts, you can create a cohesive, branded feed perfect for future clients and like minded creatives. 


Your mood should align with your business' vision.  Sweet As Honey Studio is a boutique style paper good service, so my mood is celebratory, encouraging, and honest. If you are a freelance writer interested in civil rights, your mood will mold to your passion.  It may be more serious and enlightening.  Your pictures should contain colors and subject matter that coincides with your mood.

In order to develop your mood, if you are unsure, begin writing your vision for your company down. Include your purpose, hopes, and how you want your clients to feel.  When rereading your vision, look for repeated words.  Those words are typically the heart of your vision and you can expound on them.

Color Palette

Developing a consistent color palette has been the most difficult for me, so I've steered away from only using the colors in my brand board.  Instead, I do my best to post pictures with bright colors and balanced white space. However, there are plenty of Instagram user's who stick to a color palette.  Either way, your purpose is to create a cohesive look through all of your pictures.  Choose what is best for you and your company.


Since we are riding the "keep it cohesive" train, let's talk about filters.  I personally do not use filters on my images, but try to keep any altering to brightening the picture and enhancing color if needed.  I am not a professional photographer, but I do feel that filters are not a one-size fits all for every picture and can create a lack of consistency.  Some pictures may need to be brightened, highlighted, or enhanced to fit your feed - and that is perfectly fine! By manually altering your pictures, you ensure your work will be consistent.


What do you want your feed to picture? The 90/10 rule is a great rule to stick to for business accounts.  That means for every 10 pictures you take, nine of them will be professional and one will be personal.  Your audience is selfish in nature and want to know what's in it for them. By keeping your feed professional with a dash of personal, you are able to provide information about new products and projects, but also let them get to know you!

As a designer, my feed consists of weddings I've done, new products, blog posts (occasionally), and daily inspiration. 

See! Figuring out your Instagram branding does not need to be a chore! Below is a printable I've created to help you sort through and plan your branding! Enjoy!