CREATIVE DIY: Creating a Gold Foil Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most versatile programs I have ever worked with. From creating wedding invitations to sale promotions, Adobe has yet to let me down on a project.  One of the most important things a business does is build trust with its audience.  A way to do this is to provide clients with occasional sales as a sweet thank you. 

The tutorial below teaches you how to create a sale promotion with a gold foil effect.  TOP SECRET HINT: Brides, if you are in love with the gold foil look, but don't have room in your budget - ask your designer to do a faux gold foil effect like in the tutorial! 

To begin, pick a background picture you would like to use as the main frame for your ad (or invitation).  I chose a stock picture from the incredible Kate Max Shop on Etsy.  Her work is affordable and beautiful.  It's easy to fill your cart with her many options, but it is such a deal and will last your brand quite some time! An investment that is definitely worth making! Please go check out her shop as beautiful stock photography can become pricey and taking pictures for every product is time consuming!

Once you have your background picture, chose the Text option on the left sidebar and create a text box. If you are having trouble locating the text box option, my cursor is on "T" in the first picture. The font I am using today is called Isabella Script, which I purchased from Creative Market. When you begin to type your font will appear much smaller.  In order to make it larger, find where you selected your font.  Underneath the font box will be the font size, make your font the size needed.

The next step to creating a gold foil effect is to place a gold foil image in your window.  You can purchase gold foil images on Etsy. To place the image into your window go to File > Place. Locate the image needed and select open or double click.  The cursor will appear in your window with the image. Click anywhere in the window to drop the image.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.07.35 PM.png

The upcoming steps are my favorite parts, Adobe Illustrator will really be working some magic! Or programming! Ha! Place Your text on top of the gold foil image. Don't worry if your font is smaller than the image, that is a good thing!

Next, you are going to select the gold foil and the text. You can do this by dragging your cursor over the items to be selected or by holding shift and clicking both the image and the text.  Be careful that you have selected ONLY the image and the font.  If you select more, it will become a part of the Clipping Mask.

Once you have selected the image and text, right click and select make Clipping Mask.  Clipping Mask is a unique tool that allows you to clip the artwork into selected fonts or shapes! 

This picture is solely to show you what your text will look like immediately after its been clipped. After it has been clipped, you are free to enlarge the text, but if the text becomes larger than the image, a portion of the text will not be visible.  If this happens, release the Clipping Mask by right clicking on the text and choosing Release Clipping Mask.  Then make your image larger by dragging a corner and holding shift to maintain its shape.  Now you'll be able to go through your steps again, but you will be able to make your text larger.

Here is a picture of the completed project! Add the text you will need to finish your ad (or invitation).  Don't be afraid to move stuff around or try a Clipping Mask on other pictures. Playing around with Adobe Illustrator is a sure way to learn the program.  It may seem slow at first, but you will get the hang of it!

What are your favorite features of Adobe Illustrator?