Good Morning, friends! This morning I took a quick walk outside and noticed our magnolia tree is producing the biggest blooms....EVER.  After spending two straight days on the computer, sorting some business work out, it was a breath of fresh air to see such wholesome, beautiful goodness. I snapped a shot and put it on our Instagram for my family to enjoy. We don't have anything like that up north!

Since this morning, I've convinced myself that a magnolia-centered wedding would be absolutely gorgeous to design.  Creating mini-magnolia drink stirrers came to mind as a fun way to celebrate this gorgeous bloom! 

To make your own drink stirrers, you will need wooden stir sticks, paper, scissors, hot glue, glitter, and a sheet of yellow paper.

  1. Print out the printable below on any color paper you like
  2. Then, cut the petals out
  3. Glue the petals on top of each other, alternating the direction of the petals
  4. Finally, glue the flower on to the top of the wooden stir stick
  5. Add a yellow middle made from a thin strip of yellow paper, fringed. Add glue to the outside of the yellow middle and sprinkle a bit of glitter
  6. Put in your favorite cocktail (we are featuring champagne with a splash of raspberry syrup)
  7. Enjoy! Post your pictures on instagram with the #SAHcreates to let us see your beautiful take!