Watermelon Clutch

I can't recall a childhood summer without watermelon. Isn't it funny how something as sweet and simple as fruit can elicit years and years of memories? As a mom now, I'm not quite sure if I enjoy eating watermelon or watching my daughter eat it (juice dripping off the chin and everything) more. 

I wanted to make a fun clutch, but something I could easily take to the park and on date nights in the summer. So behold the watermelon clutch.  It takes less than an hour to make (including dry time). Say what?!

Learn how to make watermelon tassel clutch.

Watermelon Clutch

Total Time:

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  • Magenta paint
  • Green paint
  • Straw clutch
  • Tassels (or you can make your own with embroidery string)
  • Black paint
  • Instructions:
    1. Tape off the body of the clutch and paint magenta. Allow to dry.
    2. Touch up any spots before beginning the green portion of the clutch.
    3. Paint the top body green. Allow to dry.
    4. Add in black seeds over the magenta..
    5. Hot glue tassels to the inside of the clutch.
    6. Wear.

Six steps to making your perfect clutch! I'd love to see yours! Oh, and what other fruits do you think we could do? I'm thinking dragon fruit or kiwi would be adorable!