Loaded Cookie Fries

You could put the word loaded in front of any food and chances are I'm going to order that. Loaded fries, loaded nachos, loaded cookies (that's a thing, right?). Well, it definitely is now. My goal with Sweet As Honey Studio is to be a little indulgent, a lot colorful, with a mix of healthful and natural. These cookies embody that, and hello aren't they swoon worthy?

A simple brown sugar cookie recipe, some edible flowers, and a cute tray printable you can grab here are all you need for these loaded cookie fries. Being the mom of a toddler means I'm into quick and easy (especially if looks amazing afterwards.


Loaded Cookie Fries

Total Time:

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  • Mixture of edible flowers
  • Edible glitter
  • Instructions:
    1. Following the recipe, make the cookies.
    2. Allow cookies to cool and drizzle the glaze over the entire cookie..
    3. Sprinkle wet cookies with flower petals and glitter.
    4. Eat.