Free 'Tropic It Like It's Hot' Phone Wallpaper

Free Tropic Like It's Hot Phone Wallpaper

SUMMER, I can just taste it. Every year I think I can wait for summer, but it seems the closer it gets the more wrong I am. Bring on the snow cones and late nights, ASAP.  Growing up, the summers were full of trips to the pond, sleepovers, volleyball, and grilling. Now that we have Charlie, I can’t wait to experience those things as a family.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know becoming a family was a struggle for us. I was born with a heart condition and doctors were positive pregnancy would never be an option for us. After pursuing adoption for a year, we decided to rest emotionally. There were  many things we hadn’t considered as we started our journey, and the stress of fundraising paired with the sadness of not being parents took its toll. During this time, we found ourselves pregnant. Cue extreme freak out moment.

We were excited and scared all together, but week after week we saw our baby grow. My body maintained its health and 38 weeks later I gave birth to our daughter. I strongly believe our struggle helps us enjoy parenthood more than we would have without it. I look back and think how thankful I am for our path to parenthood. It’s made me a more understanding mother, to myself and others.

As we experience each season with Charlie, I’m so excited to show her the traditions we started as a couple. We’ve brought her strawberry picking and to the drive-in already.

Soon we will be at the beach. I’ve been feeling really inspired about our upcoming trip to Florida that I HAD to channel that into this cute phone wallpaper. I’m a sucker for fun puns and bright colors.

I started by marbling paper using this set from Amazon. Once the paper dried, I scanned it into Photoshop, upped the saturation, and changed some of the colors to perfect the summer tones I was looking for. I then opened up the file into Adobe Illustrator. Using image trace and choosing the 10 color option, I played around with the colors some more until I want happy with the overall look.

ChalkFullOfLove has an adorable water bottle that says “tropic like it's hot,” which is where I got the cute saying from. I used Painter font by Mans Grebeck for the saying, you can find a free for personal use here. And voila, a cute new wallpaper.